At GRD Academy , Young GRDians are nurtured under the tender care of mother teacher till Grade - 2. Advantages are :

1. Building of a strong bond between the teacher & the learner which helps in gaining understanding of the Child.

2. Helps in gaining better insights to various development stages of the child, particularly emotional & cognitive.

Pre- Nursery

The child learns to discover, explore & experiment in a simulating & conducive environment designed by the teachers.


At this level, effort is made is for the smooth transition from the secure home environment to formal schooling. Emphasis is on nurturing the Child’s Creativity, Imagination & the ability to express himself freely. Stress is put on developing basic language skills with the help of phonetics & conversation. Various celebrations in the school along with the round the year activities makes learning enjoyable & memorable.

Grades I to V

If I cannot learn the way you teach me Can you not teach me the way I learn” Co-curricular activities, the curriculum planned focuses more On Depth & is progressive and flexible in its approach. Use of interactive techniques with emphasis on usage & application is stressed upon. The aim is to lay a strong foundation in all the subjects which will ultimately help the child to study more complex topics and problems at the succeeding levels. The Instruction/ Curriculum is planned as per the CCE guidelines of the CBSE.

Grades VI to VIII

Middle school is the Transition stage for the students from an Activity Based Learning to the Methodology where focus is on the acquistion of knowledge & development of understanding & skill necessary to interpret. The Focus at this level is to develop cognitive, psychomotor & affective domains to initiate Independent Thinking rather than role memorization.

Grades IX & X

The Methodology at this level extends well beyond prescribed text books & students are encouraged to critically evaluate complex problems. The major emphasis of CCE at the class IX & X level is an all round growth of students ensuring their intellectual , emotional, and Physical development .Both Scholastic & Co-Scholastic areas are given equal & due importance. FA’s carry 40% Weightage & SA’s carry 60% Weightage. The Students are encouraged to use various innovative Tools Of FA’s Like Role Play. Presentations, Survey modal making etc.

Grades XI & XII

The Streams of studies at this level are based strictly as per CBSE guidelines. At the 11th level, students have the option of choosing an stream out of Science, Commerce & Humanities. At this level emphasis is on inquiry based learning which develops experimental & analytical skills in the students.